Saturday, Jun. 14, 2003 ~ 9:54 PM

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I just wanna show you the way that I feel.

Dear Funny Girl:

Iíve seen you here and there. Hiding those eyes behind that funny little swagger of yours and the smoke from your cigarette that curls up into your delightfully disheveled bangs. I was always over the Nerdy Girl when we talked but I thought that it was just because I was so intent upon secretly trying to match my strides with yours.

You make me laugh. And last night I thought that you were looking at me with those eyes. When you are up there in the light they are the faintest of blues. Silvery even, the way that they line your bangs. I wanted to reach and push your bangs back and look really hard at your eyes, at what you were hiding behind the laughter. Yet all that I could do was watch. Your eyes clear. Your face honest and open.

You play the funny girl because you donít realize how beautiful you are.
Well darlin' you are some punchline.

Andrea Dionne


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