On the roof

Thursday, Jun. 19, 2003 ~ 12:56 AM

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I just wanna show you the way that I feel.

I am invisible. Just me and the sky. That one star that is always there. I think that I belong to it. Over the bridge the city is covered in fog and I cannot see my fingertips for the clove smoke. I am like the summer night, foggy and with my one star within reach, but I will never have anything on the sky.

The trains pass and the apartment shakes underneathe me. It is so busy down there and it is so still up here. The trees do not move. Underneathe my fingers my heart beats. If I lie still I can be like the trees. I saw her on the train and my heart beat like the city. All of me seems to be made for laying back and looking up. Maria Callas swells in my ears and the trains come and go and the star stays. I do not even try and reach up even though I belong to it. The night spreads out and so do I and the city lies below and over the bridge. Summer comes to me on breezes which do not stir the leaves but rouse the trees to silhouetted silence.

I love my roof.


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