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Wednesday, Apr. 16, 2003 ~ 9:14 AM

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I just wanna show you the way that I feel.

There is a woman in the show Iím rehearsing right now who bears a striking semblance to Verona.

Her name is Susan and there is a flintiness about her that is apparent in her face whereas it was always just beneathe Veronaís skin. Those hidden sky scrapers you know. It is this sharpness that I am attracted to. This image of trailing fingers over her face like trailing fingers over a knifeís edge. It would be better if she was always steel like this. Like when she focuses so intently upon a moment. Like when she is executive, when the business is acting.

But then she smiles at me and I donít know whether to run or blush.

She asked me if I liked Jasmine last night in a way that almost broke my mind. Almost.

It is better when she is the executive... when our business is acting.


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